Wiring harnesses

Our advantages

Our panels are made from modern hi-tech materials of leading producers and are capable to sustain twice big loads of a gap and keep the consumer properties in the range of temperatures from-60 to +100 °C.

Since 2008 volumes of the monthly order grew with 100 to 2500 pieces of dashboards, and the nomenclature increased to 100 modifications.


All production of cordlike and panel production passes 100% control on the test equipment.


Perspective development

The LLC Ikar Plus company is ready to offer:

  • delivery of elements of an interior of own production;
  • full list of plaits: kabinnykh, sensors and ABS modulators, frame and motor;
  • development of a workplace of the driver;
  • delivery to the conveyor of the complex decision on the worker миесту driver.


On production the high-precision equipment intended for satisfaction of high requirements to quality of processing of a wire is used. Processing of a wide range of types of wires, and as integration of various types of marking is possible. Today 2 equipments Komax Alpha 355 and Komax Gamma 333 are involved.